Vivian Bruck
Box 1017
Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0

At age 26 I was suddenly hit with severe insomnia. As time wore on, complications followed: heart problems, neuritis throughout the system, numb and sore muscles, inability to raise my arms, extremely sore shoulders, tension to the base of my brain, bowel blockage, back pains, head "filled with cotton," inability to control reactions, total exhaustion. For three years I didn't go to church. For one year the Doctor had a sign, "No visitors," over my door.

Nervous exhaustion resulting from a condition of inherited, weak arterial tone and low blood pressure (though medical doctors always told me it was "normal"), intense studies for seven years, graduating from Prairie High, Saskatchewan High, and finishing a 3-year commercial course all in one year (using a lot of mental energy!), tensely running dangerous printing machines, doing demanding secretarial work, teaching music lessons for which I was not prepared, marriage, travelling with Don for the Japan Evangelical Mission until seven months pregnant with our first child.

Twice "nervous exhaustion" had surfaced--once in Quebec, 1947, my junior year at Prairie, when I couldn't sleep for a week, and my senior year of college, when I took a medical examination and the Doctor said my nerves were bad. I was surprised.

Prayer (church elders; faith healers), sleeping pills from medical doctors(who finally told me, "We have nothing for exhausted nerves but sedatives to deaden them each night!), neurologist, psychiatrist, reflexologist, chiropractor, dieting, fasting, massage, complete rest, hot baths, heat lamps, exercise. All of these efforts brought temporary relief, but we found they dealt with the effect of nervous exhaustion, not the cause.

NOTE: Only ONE thing brought a bit of sleep during those years, short hikes in the night. Later, in Philadelphia, we would learn why this was effective, why too much exercise made me worse, why rest would never have cured my condition, etc.

Two missionary friends with similar problems found relief through the treatment for low blood pressure and urged us to try it. God did miracles to provide funds for the trip, places for our two children, age four and two, to stay, and most importantly, a letter canceling Don's speaking appointment so he could go with me to Philadelphia. There we found the answer to ALL our questions and a treatment that rejuvenated the worn-out nerve cells by getting the blood to them in proper quantities. It was an exciting experience, like leaving a dark tunnel for brilliant light.

Dr. Jackson (now deceased) raised my blood pressure from 93 to 120 the first treatment. It was the beginning of restored health, sleep, relieved heart, normal elimination, muscle tone, relaxed spine, and 45 years of active, fulfilling life and ministry. Good health is basically two things: good food and having good circulation of good blood.

Since the treatment for arterial tone corrects a basic weakness, it also relieves many and varied illnesses: multiple sclerosis, arthritis, mental instability, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, bladder and kidney infections, infertility, etc. Dr. Jackson claimed that her most thrilling patients were those with serious heart and asthmatic problems. We know individuals who have been helped, as I was, in many of these instances, and have sent others to the clinic over the years who, like us, rejoice in the Biblical truth: "The life of the flesh is in the blood!"

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