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The Life and Journeys of the Apostle Paul - An Outline

UPDATED 11/7/2012 WITH MORE DATA and Scriptures! The above link will provide you with all the information you need to follow all the maps of Paul's journeys and lay the foundation for you for studying the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. It is in a .pdf format so that you can just save it to your computer. It is FREE! Note: We will continbue to update and correct this outline as new information is obtained. Watch the date at the beginning for changes.

Paul's fifth and final journey. Fifth Journey of Apostle Paul

After two years imprisonment in Rome Paul was acquitted and was at liberty for around two years before being rested again, sent to Rome and executed!

While the known journeys were only four, there are allusions to a further journey in several scriptures throughout the epistles of the Bible. Combine these scriptures with the writing from ancient documents, you will see an extensive "quick" trip made during his time of liberty, including both Spain and Macedonia.

Study the verses, check out the evidence and traditions available at present and make your own decision! Paul was finally beheaded in Rome and buried approximately three miles outside the city. Some information about all of the above is printed on the map for your perusal. The full length commentary with references and documention is now available in the link above the sample picture of the map.


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Journeys of Apostle Paul Four Journeys of Apostle Paul
1000DPI (15" x 31" +)

This map provides the four major journeys of Apostle Paul. The first three journeys were missionary trips. The fourth journey involved Paul's arrest and his being taken to Rome under guard.

This map has a higher resolution which allows the map to be printed much larger. Segments can be used for overhead without blurring. Get the FREE outline of the Apostle Paul at the top of this page to go with your map!


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