Gerald F. Vaughn
2 Pagoda Lane
Newark, DE 19711
Email: vaughnfgerald@gmail.com

I was delighted to come across, in connection with your information on "Those Cool Strokes," Mrs. Lydia Kessler's most significant testimonial about efficacy of Erdman Therapy.

I can personally attest to the validity of what Mrs. Kessler knows and wrote since, in the 1970s, both my wife and I benefitted greatly from Erdman Therapy under Mrs. Kessler's supervision.

Mrs. Kessler correctly evaluated our individual treatment needs and set out our individual courses of treatment. My wife needed cold treatment and I needed heat.

My wife and I both worked at the University of Delaware. With better health, we were enabled to continue working there until retiring in the 1990s.

During the 1970s and afterward, I learned of Mrs. Kessler's reputation as the most knowledgeable practitioner of Erdman Therapy...especially in correctly evaluating the treatment needs of patients whose problems confused or posed difficulty to other practitioners. I'd say her reputation as diagnostician was unparalleled among practitioners of Erdman Therapy when she retired.

Evidently Mrs. Kessler has retained her keen interest in advancing Erdman Therapy in the US and worldwide... and she makes herself available to inquirers.

No one else alive, at least no one I've ever heard of, has the experience and knowledge about Erdman Therapy that Mrs. Kessler acquired. I strongly urge alternative health care providers to contact her. See Testimony No. 3.

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