Letter and Updates by Lydia Kessler

Lydia Kessler
1350 Stone Creek Ln Apt. 102
Charlottesville, VA 22902

"...In my nursing career - age 35-55 years - I ran the Erdman Clinic, worked at Germantown and even visited
the Wayne location of Jackson.

I am almost 88 - active, and enjoy life with my healthy 90 year old husband of almost 66 years.

Last year I spent time with an M.D. from Kiev who found the Erdman textbook and is teaching Erdman in the Med school in Kiev (caused pain and reversed it using proper treatment.

In Houston we had twelve treatment rooms, in-house patients, staff of R.N's - and I traveled to evaluate patients as well. Twenty years of my very long days.

Progress and interest continues, a simple dual thermometer is helpful to Dx response to spinal stimulus.

Dennis Cockrane with Wycliff Bible Translators has found the thermometer helpful."

Lydia then added a helpful P.S.:
Also, Dr. Wes Ulrich worked at Erdman, with Frank, to help find a pulse machine. He has studied migraine intensively - his address is Wesley Ulrich, M.D., 4667 North Stratford Oaks Drive, Macon, GA 31210

He is a former missionary - very active and interested in Erdman. Hope you will find the information helpful and will continue to help patients worldwide. LK

Anyone wishing more information about the new materials are invited to contact Dr. Wesley Ulrich at the above address for more about his new inventions and how they work.

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