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               In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
                  and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.    John 1:1-2

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Map Booklet   

12 legal size OT maps in a booklet format that you can download and print yourself. Print as many copies as you wish.

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This original booklet has 16 beautiful mini pages giving a basic introduction of who God is called "Understanding and Knowing God - An Introduction".

Download the files, print, assemble, staple, fold and trim. A beautiful slim little booklet that will fit in your purse, pocket, Bible case or looseleaf. Easy to use. Wonderful to hand out to all your friends and contacts. This little booklet will be a very useful evangelistic and teaching tool to give to those you hope to reach, including family.

A follow up booklet will be coming soon which I hope will answer most questions people wonder about, satifactorily I hope. Not everyone will agree with me on all points. You will have to make your own judgment calls for those. Study them carefully before rejecting them outright. People will be asking questions and you want to be ready to give them answers.

NOTE: There are 16 little pages which are put together so that they can be printed, cut, folded and stapled into a small booklet. The files you will download are given on tabloid pages, front side on one file and back side on a second file. These filess can be duplexed by your printer. Exact instructions are included with your download files. These are in a pdf format so that both you and your printer can access them easily. This provides one booklet per print run. Your printer can place five of each on a separate file, using only four pages, giving you an extra book for the same price. I hope to get one done up soon to place on this site. Email me or phone me if you wish to talk to me about any of the above. Comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Pages included:
  1. Front Cover
  2. Page 2 and 3 - The Trinity
  3. Page 4 - God's Attributes
  4. Page 5 - Some of God's main Characteristics
  5. Page 6 - The Father
  6. Page 7 - The Holy Spirit
  7. Page 8 and 9 - The Son, Jesus Christ
  8. Page 10 - The Work of Jesus Christ
  9. Page 11 - God's Plan
  10. Page 12 - Our choices
  11. Page 13 - The Bride of Jesus Christ
  12. Page 14 - About this booklet
  13. Page 14 - A few references for each topic by page number
  14. Page 14 - Back Cover
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We use a durable glossy paper for these booklets. For more details contact us HERE.

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