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Get Your free Tribles of Israel Exodus Map now...down below!

This map gives the first journey of the Israelites from Israel. I have included the 48 Levite cities, the 6 Refuge cities, Standards and Shields for the tribes, in army formation, a list of the jewels, with pictures, of the tribes that were placed in the ephod. Also, I have an image of what the stones on the shoulder part of the ephod would have looked like. I followed the information in the Bible as well as possible. Identifying the stones is sometimes contested because they had different names over the years, but this will give you an idea what they might have looked like.

It is called a fantasy map because mountains, rivers and boats and some other things are much larger than they would be if the matched the actual map. Seeing them larger gives a better picture of what things looked like in Bible times. Hope you enjoy it.This map will be included in the Exodus Map Series as well.

Use as it is here or download to your computer. Just right click on the picture, choose "Save picture as..." and state which folder you want it to be downloaded into. If you have any suggestions or comments, I would be delighted to hear from you. [email protected] Enjoy!!

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